Three dimensional parking garage

Dedicated charging pile for three-dimensional parking garage

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Product characteristics

Special AC charging pile for three-dimensional parking garage;

Using Ethernet / wireless access to HKUST's charging pile management platform to achieve remote monitoring and online operation;

Compact and lightweight, easy to install.


Suitable for two-story three-dimensional parking garage.

Model: KDNT / A-7KW-A / L

Number of input interfaces: 1

Input voltage range 220V ± 15%

Working frequency: 50 Hz

Output voltage range: 220V ± 15%

Output current range: 32A

Rated output power: 7kw

Interface form: national standard gun line

Insulation resistance: greater than 10Mohm

Insulation withstand voltage: 2kV  

Working altitude: less than 2000m

Cooling method: natural air cooling

Installation: Sheet metal fixed installation

Working humidity: 5% -95%

Working temperature: -20 ℃ -50 ℃    

Communication interface: Ethernet / Wireless

Measurement method: meter output

Protection level: IP55

Human-computer interaction: full color touch screen

Protection functions: overvoltage and undervoltage, short circuit protection, overload protection, leakage protection, surge protection

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