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What benefits will the community AC charging pile bring?

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It is convenient for residents of high-rises in the community to charge the battery car. There is no need to move the electric car upstairs to charge, and the user does not need to pull the cable downstairs to charge. And because Hefei AC charging pile does not use their own charger, it will not be charged due to charging. Problem with missing charger downstairs. Save time, rest assured, safe and secure.

Eliminate potential safety hazards: Because users upstairs lead wires to charge downstairs, charging cables are pulled in random, which may cause great electrical safety hazards, such as: personal injury caused by wire wear and leakage or fire caused by wires. Sometimes it also brings inconvenience to the residents of the staircase corridor!

     At the same time, the AC charging piles are more humane to the property management of the community. All of them are constantly working to improve the community facilities for the convenience of the residents and win the satisfaction of the residents!
     Used in business units: It is convenient for the company or unit to manage the power consumption of employees, and at the same time, it ensures that the company's power lines will not be short-circuited or cause damage to office equipment due to overloading, and it is also convenient for employees. It also saves the company some unnecessary electricity costs. The government can also use the Hefei AC charging pile to bring convenience to the people, because everyone's environmental awareness is constantly increasing. The original popular motorcycles are gradually being used by electric motorcycles. Instead, due to the increasing number of users, the battery is running out of power on the road. To facilitate cycling, the government can use Hefei AC charging piles to set up "convenient charging stations"!

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