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Fuxing Real Estate Hefei Xinghong Financial Innovation City Project A Charging Pile Project

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I. Introduction of Fosun Group

Fosun Group's comprehensive real estate investment and investment management platform, Fosun Real Estate takes “Hive City + Global Layout” as its core strategy, “Financialization, Globalization, Industrialization” as its action strategy, and “Global Hive City Practitioner” "As a vision, we are committed to providing a happy living space for global families and building an excellent ecological platform for the global industry. Our business covers the real estate industry chain including real estate integration, real estate development, asset management, fund management, and real estate services.

Fosun Real Estate owns Forte, Xinghong, Starview, Xingjian, Xingyu, Xingwei, Xinghao Commercial, Live Entertainment, Ceyuan, Highland, as well as IDERA, Resolution Property, Paraf, Four Trees Capital Management, Everest Healthcare Properties , Rio Bravo (RE), Fosun Eurasia Capital (RE) and other platforms, forming a multi-format real estate integration and management capabilities. At the same time, with its globalization, it has realized the team and asset layout in Tokyo, London, Paris, New York, Lisbon, Zurich, Sydney, São Paulo, Moscow, Singapore, Milan, Seoul, Mumbai, Frankfurt and other international gateway cities. The market and emerging markets have become one of the leaders in the globalization of China's real estate industry.

Fosun Real Estate leverages Fosun Group's honeycomb resources, with the professional capabilities of its global distribution team, and the ability to cultivate the industry, and uses the Honeycomb City Project as a carrier to serve Fosun Group's healthy, happy, and prosperous C2M happiness ecosystem The realization of the system will create a happy life for more global household customers.

Introduction to Hefei Xinghong Financial Innovation City Project

The Hefei Xinghong Financial Innovation City Project is located in the southeast side of Binhu New District, Hefei, Anhui Province. It is located in the area surrounded by Yungu Road, Yunnan Road, Sichuan Road, and Chengdu Road. It covers a total area of about 438 acres and a built-up area of about 73 The product type is mainly residential and commercial. The product of plot A is residential, covering an area of 162 acres, with a construction area of about 250,000 cubic meters, an underground area of about 75,000 cubic meters, and a total construction area of about 325,000 cubic meters.

Third, successful signing

On May 25, 2017, our company and Hefei Xinghong Financial City Development Co., Ltd. successfully signed the sales and installation project of the A lot of Hefei Xinghong Financial Innovation City. Cooperation in good faith, win-win world!

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